Urine Chemistry

Art Print

We have all handed over that little cup of urine for routine urinalysis. Who knew it's chemistry could be so beautiful!? Upon dipping the slender reagent test trip lined with itty bitty squares, a rainbow of colors begin to form. Each tiny square is a test whose results are determined by correlating the colors to a given color chart. In this piece, each horizontal row represents a urine chemistry test.

Tests/results depicted:
Leukocyte Esterase - indicates presence of neutrophils and potential UTI.
Nitrite - indicates presence of certain bacteria which cause UTI.
Urobilinogen - useful in diagnosis liver function disorders.
Protein - useful in detection of renal disease.
pH - useful in detecting metabolic and renal issues.
Occult Blood - detects blood, myoglobin, and free hemoglobin
Specific Gravity - a meausure of solutes, useful for kidney function.
Ketone - important in detecting diabetic ketoacidosis.
Bilirubin - useful in detection of jaundice.
Glucose - detects glucose in the urine 

  • Printed on acid-free, heavyweight, 100% cotton rag fine art paper using archival pigment inks. The lightly textured bright white matte paper coupled with rich pigment inks offer a stunningly vivid print with superior longevity.
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